Some people are just lucky. A friend finds $100 on the sidewalk, A colleague closes a $50 million dollar deal and your neighbor becomes a millionaire overnight from a single lottery ticket.

Where does this luck come from? Are there specific regions that are luckier than others?

The Jackpot Hotspots is a great new project from 1-Slots, in which the origin of all big jackpot winners, since the year 2000, can be seen on a map. Whether it’s lottery winners, sports betting professionals or lucky casino stars, you’ll find the largest winners all gathered on the map. Is another country more lucky on average? Take a l0ok at the map and find out.

The Top 14 Jackpot Winners in Canada

Most large prizes and jackpots in Canada are won by lottery. However, you rarely hear about cracked jackpots in local or online casinos. This is sometimes due to the fact that gambling is still a social taboo in Canada, with lottery playing seeming to be an exception.

Lotto is and remains one of the few socially recognized games of chance among Canadians. Even grandparents take part! And because that is so, the number of the players is larger and in turn, the progressive Lotto Jackpot is higher. No wonder, then, that the highest jackpots won in Canada come from the lottery sector.

1st place: 90 million from the Eurojackpot will go to Yellow Knife on 14 October 2016.
2nd place: another 90 million, also from the Eurojackpot, will go to Western Canada two years later, on 1 June 2018.
3rd place: a whole $85 million Eurojackpot will make it to Vancouver on 29 July 2016.
4th place: 77 million from the Eurojackpot will go to Victoria on 25 March 2016.
5th place: 63 Million is the last big Eurojackpot that went to Canada on February 8th 2019.
7th & 6th: the Eurojackpot on 6 July 2018 this time must be shared fairly between two players with 45 million dollars each.
8th: the highest Canadian Lotto jackpot from Lotto 6 out of 49 in the amount of $38 million goes to Winnipeg on October 7, 2006.
9th place: the last big Lotto 6 out of 49 jackpot of $10 million went to a cleaning lady in Manitoba on 27 July 2018.
10th place: a family man from Victoria wins himself 1.85 Million in a Canadian casino at the roulette table in October 2010.
11th place: 1.3 million will go to a happy pensioner in Calgary on 1 August 2016
12th place: in pre-Christmas a Canadian cracks the $1 million Mega Million Jackpot in Halifax.
13th place: on 20 February 2004, a fellow countryman of Canada won $750,000 on the Cash Runner game.
14th place: $720,000 Bayern Jackpot goes to a Canadian family man on March 21, 2016 while playing slot machines.

The dream of the jackpot

Information on jackpot winners from Canada is rare. On one hand, the vast majority want to remain unknown, not even reveal their place of residence. The rest of the lucky winners are happy that some details about them and their winnings are published, but interviews or even photos of Canadian jackpot winners cannot be found.

Most of the big prizes and jackpots in Canada are won by lottery.
But 1-Slots has managed to find some well-known stories about the jackpot crackers of Canada. The highest jackpot ever won in Canada was also the highest that can be won in the Canadian-wide lottery Eurojackpot. The maximum prize of a total of 90 million dollars went to a lucky man from Vancouver in October 2016.

Two years later it was to happen again. The Eurojackpot rose once again to the maximum limit of 90 million dollars and a 34-year-old cleaning lady from Western Canada became a millionaire overnight. The young woman and mother decided to take early retirement in order to spend more time with her 4-year-old son and to allow herself and her family to go on a long-awaited road trip through the USA. A beautiful story, isn’t it?

Even better is the story of a 71-year-old pensioner from Halifax. He went to the local casino to test his luck at the slot machines. When he kept losing constantly, he wanted to give up. On his last few spins, something incredible happens, the inexperienced pensioner hits the jackpot of 1.3 million dollars! Unfortunately we don’t know what he did with the money.

Want to test your luck on a slot machine?

Have these stories inspired you too? What would you do with a jackpot win? Maybe you are now looking for a suitable game or casino for you to try your luck. Then you might be interested in 1-Slots list of the best new online casinos or tips and tricks to have a higher chance of winning.